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Mrs Odile Carton from Paris led the Workshop on Saturday 10th September, 2016. The theme of the Workshop was Textbook 4 -18: In a Suiban without Kenzan.

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On Saturday 10th September, the Sogetsu London Branch had the privilege of welcoming Mrs. Odile Carton of the Paris Branch for a second visit to the Chapel in Hampstead. Members of the Branch were very eager to meet her again and so we had 21 members attending the workshop. The theme this time was “Arrangement in shallow container without kenzan (pin holder)”. It was a challenging theme and not an easy one to perform.

Odile demonstrated five arrangements. For the first one she used two containers and showed us the importance of both neat lines at the base of the arrangement and the clarity of the water. One of her favourite phrases was “no fish in the water” which was very amusing and helpful to remember in future as it stuck in our minds! In each arrangement she used different materials and different shaped containers. Not all arrangements had flowers reflecting the mood of the season with shapes and autumnal colour. We were all very impressed by her creativity and expertise. Mrs. Ikuyo Morrison very kindly provided a lot of the material from her garden to be used in the demonstration. Odile did not know what material she was getting and had to improvise on the spot. It was a joy to watch her demonstration.

Members were then asked to create their own arrangements. The comments session which followed was very positive and we heard interesting comments, all very encouraging. The atmosphere was studious but friendly and relaxed. The magic of ikebana worked again. Merci beaucoup Odile. We hope you will come again very soon.
(The article – by Mrs Myriam Boyden)

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