sogetsulondon school ikebana sogetsu london

The Sogetsu London Branch holds four or five workshops every year. We invite instructors from abroad and the UK to lead our workshops, where members of all levels can be inspired to develop their ikebana skills. It is a valuable experience to view instructors’ demonstrations and listen to their comments on members’ completed arrangements. Anyone studying Sogetsu Ikebana is welcome to our friendly workshops.


sogetsulondon school ikebana sogetsu london

The Branch Ikebana Exhibition is organised annually by us using the most beautiful and interesting materials in season. It is open to the public so that the wonderful Japanese culture ‘Ikebana’ can reach a wider audience. In addition to the lovely displays, we also have demonstrations or a ‘Let’s Try Ikebana’ corner, where visitors can create their own ikebana arrangements guided by our qualified instructors.