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Dr Mary Stewart led the Workshop on Saturday 3rd October, 2015. The theme of the Workshop was ‘Falling Leaves of Autumn’.


On Saturday 3rd October 2015 the London Branch welcomed Dr Mary Stewart, who led the workshop with the theme “Falling Leaves of Autumn”. Dr Stewart studied the art of ikebana with Stella Coe; she is a professional painter and oriental art-historian. She is American and has lived in Europe for many years.
For her demonstration she used various autumn plant materials not only from gardens but from hedgerows, fields and woods: strands of wheat, lichen covered branches, crab apples for instance. Some of her containers were made by wellknown potters or glass blowers but she also used a big salad bowl – just to demonstrate that ikebana can be done without a formal container and anywhere in the world. In this bowl she used some cotoneaster as a means of support, red alstroemerias and small yellow roses. One arrangement was a morimono: on a piece of red lacquer she displayed some lichen covered branches and crab apples, a very striking arrangement.
After the demonstration we all did our arrangements and then Mrs. Stewart made her interesting comments to each of us. We all enjoyed a very friendly and rewarding afternoon. (The article – by Mrs Myriam Boyden)

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