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Mr Shigeo Suga led the workshop on Saturday 19th November, 2016. The theme of the workshop was Autumn Free Style Ikebana.

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On Saturday 19th November we were fortunate enough to welcome Mr Suga to our workshop again. He is the Honorary Adviser to our branch and has been involved with Sogetsu for over six decades, so we really appreciated his knowledge and experience. 

Mr Suga was clear from the start that enabling us to enjoy Ikebana was his main objective, the basics are important but enjoyment and imagination are essential.
With the help of his assistant, Norie Parodi, Mr Suga demonstrated seven arrangements within an hour, reinforcing the idea that it is necessary to be spontaneous and think ‘of the moment’.
Ikuyo Morrison provided beautiful autumnal material which enabled Mr Suga to create seven very different arrangements. He started with a simple modern design followed by a more traditional ‘Seven Grasses Reverse Arrangement’ which he started with small chrysanthemums at the base continuing to tall Japanese pampas to finish. The final arrangement made the most of beautiful yellow Japanese Maple and striking berries, carefully finished with shaped Washi paper.
It was truly inspirational to watch Mr Suga’s demonstration and beautiful designs.
In the afternoon, members created their own arrangements with similar materials and Mr Suga kindly looked at each, giving constructive comments. It is amazing that just removing one flower or adding a collection of leaves beside the container, can make so much difference! 

(The article – by Mrs Susan Jamieson) 

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