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AGM & Members’ Day, Mrs Ikuyo Morrison led the workshop on 26th March, 2016. The theme of the workshop was ‘Renka’ which is a series of impromptu Ikebana arranged by multiple ikebanists, and we also used Corkscrew Hazel and Driftwood.


The AGM was held on Easter Saturday and was followed by a workshop. The theme was Renka (linked flowers) and all participants enjoyed taking part in it.

Mrs Ikuyo Morrison explained the philosophy of Renka and she led the demonstration as a team leader and three students then added to the arrangement one by one. Finally the leader finished off the work.  The Renka eventually became a voluminous arrangement, so finally five separate huge arrangements were displayed.  Ikuyo commented on each work favourably and discussed with the team leaders their thoughts on each of the presentations.

Flower materials were purchased locally in Bedford. These were displayed in the centre of the room as if we were in a mini flower market. Ikuyo also provided branches of Corkscrew Hazel and driftwood.  We all expressed our thanks to her.

The London branch had already held a Renka workshop in 2013. However this workshop was different from the previous one. Everyone agreed that the event was a great fun and success.
(The article – by  Mrs Shoko Koizumi-Hanson)

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