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Mrs Nasreen Greenway gave a talk on how to grow orchids, and then Mrs Greenway and Mrs Shoko Koizumi-Hanson led the workshop on 30th January, 2016. The theme of the Workshop was ‘Using Orchids’.


On Saturday 30th January 2016, Nasreen Greenway and Shoko Koizumi-Hanson led the LONDON Branch’s first workshop of the New Year:  “Using Orchids”.  Nasreen told us about the origin of orchids and explained the best way to look after them at home.  It was most interesting and Nasreen very kindly answered the many questions asked by the participants.  The talk was followed with an inspirational demonstration of four strikingly beautiful free style arrangements (two nageire and two moribana) created by Nasreen and Shoko, all focusing on using orchids in different settings.  Nasreen also used a new kind of kenzan made of resin and brass.

We, the participants, then explored our own ideas and made our own arrangements with fabulous orchidsand other plant materials (equisetum, asparagus, fatsia leaves, etc.).  At the end the demonstrators circulated amongst the participants and gave many useful comments and tips on the finished works.

The workshop day ended as usual with tea and cakes in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
(The article – by Mrs Martine Gracey)

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